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The Evidential Details Mystery Series
Amelia Earhart - The Titanic
Otzi the Iceman - Civil War Mystery 
Princess Diana​ - Custer - Joan of Arc

Welcome. This site presents the only book series that tasks  the first decorated Military Intelligence Remote Viewer  to  resolve the historical mysteries noted above. These books are co-authored exclusively by ex-military personnel. ​​Regarding the capability, the man that set-up the Operation Star Gate military program wrote:

​"The worst term of all is "psychic." No stable definition has ever been established for it, and there are great hazards in attempting to utilize a term which has not much in the way of an agreed-upon definition. Remote Viewing - One Of The Superpowers Of The Human Bio-Mind; Remote Viewing and its Conceptual Nomenclature Problems by Ingo Swann (09Jan96) ​​​​​​​​​​​​​. 

The Intelligence community calls the process Remote Viewing and Scientists refer to it as Anomalous Cognition. What you will read is the data the Pentagon would have received if they had targeted these events in the interests of the People of the United States of America.​ These are the only books where raw Operation Star Gate level data is available. We recommend you read two paragraphs about Joseph McMoneagle's incredible credentials - here.

​​​To get a look inside any book, hold the cursor on any title (upper left) then click on the LOOK page. Read all the LOOK Pages to get a sense of the series. ​If you like mysteries, state of the art psy-functioning, or simply want to focus on a historical event, you will not be disappointed. All this site's comments are reader response.​​
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One reader blogged: "The quality of Remote Viewing demonstrated is quite simply astonishing and sets the standard of what to expect from expert professional remote viewing."

​Another reader wrote:
His description of historic events is very touching.
Thank you for publishing these! ​​
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